25 September 2015

What's the best Baby Bottle?

Well if you asked me my criteria for the best baby bottle is it should be sturdy, leak-proof, easy to clean, safe, and reasonably priced.
We've tried four kinds of baby bottle, Tommee Tippee Anti Collic Bottle, Philips Avent, Playtex BPA Free VentAire Bottle, and Farlin.

baby bottle
Tommee Tippee Anti Collic Bottle is sturdy, wide mouth and nipple base that has a wide base. The nipple mimics that natural feel, flex, and movement of the actual breast. This is great if you are switching from breat to bottle feeding, since the baby won't get used to different nipple style and subsequently reject breastfeeding. This bottle has a vent that is designed to prevent gas and colic. The bad thing about it is, the seperate vent system are harder to clean. It is hard to get all the milk out.

~ $11.59 from Amazon
baby bottle
Philips Avent Natural Bottle is also a wide mouth bottle that has ergonomic design for easy grip. It has an Advanced anti-colic venting system, which is good since there are no extra parts to clean. The wide breast shaped nipple teach your baby how to latch properly that is similar to the breast. This makes it easier for your baby to transfer from breast and bottle feeding.

~ $11.35 from Amazon
baby bottle
Playtex BPA Free VentAire Bottle, this is a thin and tall bottle with an angled neck. The great think about this bottle is that it encourages babies to feed up right, and easier to get all the milk out. It also has a silicon part at the bottom for its venting system.

~ $9.99 from Amazon
baby bottle
Farlin is a standard short with a small nipple. It is a no frills, straight forward traditional baby bottle. Easy to clean and easy to carry when you are on the go. This is the personal favorite of our baby.

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