12 May 2017

Facial Corset?

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What's a facial corset? I have no idea what it is but for a South Korean cosmetics brand LANEIGE which is owned by Amore Pacific it is a patented face line contouring roller that helps the user to get a younger-looking and more defined facial contour. They also said that results are quick and it is very effective.

According to the video the user will just massage the facial corset into the face for 5 minutes before going to bed and he/she will have a remarkably younger facial line next morning! That's ridiculously fast. It would also be good if you apply a Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask after every massage.

Laneige Time Freeze Firming Sleeping Mask 60ml $36.99

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask $15.40
Two Tone Lip Bar 2g (#11 Juicy Pop) $18.81

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